What are our customers saying about us?

“I Shall miss you guys. You are great agents. Trust me I have seen plenty so I know.”


B.F. Tenant​

“Thank you, as always, for your courteous and most efficient service – I find it a great relief to know that my flats are in such good hands.”


A.W. Landlord​

“…working with you all has been a real pleasure. I very much appreciate you looking after my flat so well over the years, particularly when I was abroad. You have made being a landlord extremely easy and stress-free. I wish you all many best wishes for the future.”


A.L. Landlord​

"My friends are always so jealous when I tell them how amazingly helpful and efficient you guys are! A rare thing in London lettings. "


K.W. Tenant​

“Thank you so much to you and to Nick for being such a super team in the last year. We have all been so grateful to have such brilliant property management to look after us. I have been renting flats in London and Edinburgh for 10 years and have never been so well looked after!”


A.S. Tenant

“Just a quick note to thank you for fixing the broken light fitting…In an industry full of vultures, you guys are more like eagles- which are awesome…”



M.R. Tenant

“It’s been a week in the house we are very happy. Thanks for all your effort, letting through lester smith was much more painless than any of the other large agencies.”


S.B. Tenant​

“Nick and Mark have managed my property twice, and I would recommend them to anyone. On my first meeting with Nick at their office, Mark rushed in flipping through a washing machine manual, attempting to troubleshoot some problem. It’s a story I’ve often re-told, as it demonstrated to me that in addition to both of their experience and qualifications, they were "hands-on”, and committed to providing the best service without incurring unecessary cost. This proved to be true over the 6 or so years I used them. Communication was excellent, and practical advice always forthcoming when asked for. Thanks!"


D.A. Landlord


“Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the assistance and advice over the last 2.5 years I’ve been a tenant in Cedars Road. Lester Smith have always been a pleasure to deal with and your efficency and professionalism are top-notch. Should you ever need a refernce from a tenant, I’d be more than happy to provide one.”


T.C. Tenant


“Just like to say how happy we are with the flat and would like to thank you for making the move so easy!”


R.H. Tenant

“Thank you very much for facilitating our stay in Battersea. It was a great 5+ years & we loved it!”


E.P. & K.L. Tenants

“Thanks as always for all your efforts – I think Lester Smith is without doubt the pleasantest, most efficient and most genuinely helpful company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with!”


J.W. Landlord

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with getting our deposit back to us and for being such a great agent! You have been really helpful….we aren’t having such a great time with our new agent”


E.S. Tenant


“Thanks for your message about my deposit being refunded in full – great!…Thanks for being brilliant agents”


L.B. Tenant

“I also want to thank you both for being such great real estate agents and being so prompt whenever we had a problem. I’ve heard that it doesn’t always happen in London!”


A.L. Tenant​

“Whilst writing can I express my thanks for the professional service you’ve provided – I’ve been very greatful for such a problem-free tenancy”


R.D. Tenant

“Lester Smith Ltd has provided… a full-management service to the entire satisfaction of this Company. Indeed, my expectations of a level of service superior to that provided by "high street” agents have been exceeded."


M.G. Landlord

“To the best Real estate agent… estate manager I ever met…you bring light to the hard business world, you always keep your word”


L.L. Tenant

“Thanks so much for arranging our washing machine to be fixed, was a relief to come home last night and have it all sorted out so quickly. I constantly hear so many horror stories of tenants waiting so long for maintenance etc so we are all very grateful…”


S.C. Tenant

“…thank you for all your help over the last two and a bit years, you've provided a really friendly and efficient service and made the whole rental experience hassle free.”


A.K. Tenant

" …just want to say thanks for all the help over the last four and a half years!"


L.M. Tenant

“Also just want to say thank you for the past 18months and how pleased we have been with Lester Smith. Definately the best lettings agents I’ve ever had to deal with, you have always been so efficient and helpful”


E.J. Tenant