Repairs and Maintenance Guide

If you have maintenance or repairing issues please report them by email to or via the contact form on this website. Urgent repairs can be reported by telephone on 020 7585 2990. Please do not report issues by text or by phoning our personal mobile numbers as this can cause delays. Please check the troubleshooting guide before contacting us.
We aim to investigate all reported issues within 24 hours and minor issues are often fixed the same day. Any works which require a skilled tradesperson will be actioned as soon as possible subject to the landlord’s consent, contractor’s availability and the level of urgency.
In most cases our contractors will collect keys from our offices to access a property. However, some larger companies (typically utility companies, manufacturers providing service callouts and local authorities) will not visit unoccupied properties so in these circumstances someone will need to be home in order to give access.
Whilst we aim to get all repairs carried out as quickly as possible, for works which will require significant expenditure or are likely to involve an insurance claim, we are usually required to get 2 or more quotes, which then need to be approved prior to proceeding.
Please also note that if any works are investigated and deemed to be the fault of the tenant then you will be responsible for covering the contractor’s full cost.



Urgent Repairs

An urgent repair is one that, whilst it is not causing immediate danger, it is likely to cause discomfort to the occupier or possible damage to the property if not repaired within a reasonably quick period of time – for example no central heating/ hot water, or a leaking bath waste.
We deal with urgent repairs as a priority but most contractors do not offer a 24-hour service and the likelihood of them actually getting parts out of working hours is slim. If a problem occurs outside of normal working hours please use common sense to prevent any further damage/health risk (for example, turn off boilers/stop cocks/gas or electricity supply as necessary) then phone us on 020 7585 2990 and leave a message so that we can get a contractor out as early as possible the next working day. The sooner a problem is reported the sooner we can get it repaired – please understand that delays are sometimes inevitable where specialist parts and/or service contractors are required.


Emergency Call Outs

An emergency is a situation where unless immediate action is taken is likely to cause substantial damage to the property or present a serious health risk to the occupiers.
If a genuine emergency occurs outside of normal working hours then please contact either the emergency services or Transco, Thames water or your Energy supplier if appropriate. For any other emergencies please source a suitably qualified contractor/company from the phonebook to stabilise the situation – i.e. prevent any further damage or health risk, and advise us of the situation the following day so that we can arrange for any further repairs to be carried out by our vetted contractors. You will only be reimbursed for call-outs in cases of genuine emergencies and upon presentation of a receipt, so please be reasonable and do not authorise works other than those necessary to mitigate the emergency.



Emergency Locksmith


For an emergency Locksmith you can call Goldie Locks on: 07734 777306. If locks have failed we will reimburse your costs but you are responsible for any costs due to keys being lost or stolen and/or any damage caused by trying to force entry.
N.B. If you have taken out a home insurance policy it may provide cover for lost keys and you should contact your insurers in the first instance.



Gas Safety Inspections

It is an annual legal requirement for your landlord to have one. You will be advised prior to our Gas Safe engineer’s visit and it is imperative that you allow him access. Three copies of the certificate are distributed; one to the engineer, one to us, and one for you, the tenants.
If your property is under a gas contract (with British Gas etc), you may be required to liaise with the company directly to arrange access, as many of the larger companies will not collect keys from our offices. In these circumstances, please ensure you send us a copy of the certificate.



Tenant Repairing Responsibilities


Tenants are expected to use common sense and deal with minor low cost, non skilled repairs themselves (Please see our trouble shooting guide below for more details) – The following list (which is not exhaustive) is what you may be expected to take care of in the property yourselves:
Replacing light bulbs and fuses
Unblocking sinks, bath/shower wastes and w.c.’s
Replacing vacuum bags
Descaling shower heads & hoses periodically
Loose screws/hinges – please attempt to fix before requesting a contractor.
Replace locks/keys if lost or stolen – You must provide us with 2 copies of keys should the locks be changed.
Others – Regular cleaning is important and if not done, can cause a build up at the end of your tenancy which may affect your deposit.